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Even the best technology needs care.
Ensuring security, capacity planning, comprehensive monitoring, and cost analysis are just some aspects of IT infrastructure management. Regardless of whether it is a large public cloud, a system running with a local provider, an on-premise solution, the key to reliability is professional maintenance.

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Our mission

We are a team of people for whom IT is primarily a passion. We have been operating in the IT industry for 15 years. Therefore, we prioritize quality, honesty, commitment, and innovation.

We know that modern IT does not exist without the cloud. We create, develop, and maintain public and private cloud solutions, deploy applications in containers, and manage Kubernetes clusters.
We feel most comfortable in the open-source ecosystem, have many years of experience with Linux distributions, and can leverage our potential in Azure, AWS, and GCP clouds, as well as utilize budget-friendly providers.


Cloud, containers, Linux…

…and beyond. We are flexible and eager to understand your needs.
Which system architecture to choose? Do we have to rely on major cloud providers?
Could my systems be more secure? When will we collide with the Andromeda Galaxy?
If something isn’t in our offer, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it!

We're waiting for new challenges.

Experience and innovation

We have built our expertise over the years.
From legacy to cloud. From manual configuration to automation.
From bare-metal, through virtualization, to containers.
We observe trends and know which solutions are the future of IT.

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