Our many years of experience in the IT industry enables us to offer you professional support for the solutions we deploy. We will not refuse assistance in other cases either, because our Customers are never left alone on the 'battlefield'.

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All of our solutions that we propose, as well as other open-source software operating under Linux OS, may remain under our care. Additionally, our products are under warranty and we will update them to newer versions, install add-ons and patches. All analyses concerning an extension of a given environment, its capacity or scheduled modifications are conducted for free after the deployment.

If you want to maintain your systems by yourselves, we will train the administrators for you, pass you the necessary documentation and provide help in the post-implementation period.

There is also a possibility of full maintenance of the customer's IT environment conducted by the forCore team. Full maintenance is:

  • 24 hours a day monitoring with a system of notifying events to the management,
  • current installation of security updates and environment updates,
  • comprehensive support for the OS (GNU/Linux) layer,
  • cooperation with other solution providers who operate in your enterprise,
  • maintenance planning and implementing,
  • cooperation with the infrastructure provider in repairing hardware breakdowns,
  • capacity planning and modification managing,
  • proposing new solutions and implementing them according to the Customer's needs,
  • other not mentioned operations that occur in a rapidly developing IT company.

Monthly fee for the comprehensive IT service is calculated individually for each Customer.

Each counterparty is different, but our support is the same – professional, reliable and fair. We believe that Customer cannot feel tied or dependent. They must feel that our support is a value added, that they may focus on the business, not on problems with the IT.

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