IT Consulting

Consulting in the field of IT implementation and optimization is a part of our activity. Contemporary business is more and more dependent on appropriate functioning of computing infrastructure and applications.

Our experience enables us to work out the best IT solutions in your business. In this regard, we always focus on the best value for money needed to achieve a business objective in an optimal way. Solutions available under the open-source licenses that we propose are at attractive prices and are also characterized by a flexibility enabling to apply them easily to the current infrastructure.

We propose consulting in the business and technological fields.

The business one contains among others:

  • business plan preparing,
  • feasibility study conducting,
  • business processes modelling and optimizing,
  • possible solutions and their comparison presenting,
  • suppliers choosing,
  • return on investment (ROI) estimating,
  • realization time estimating,
  • project managing.

The technological one contains among others:

  • technical requirements gathering and describing,
  • system architecture preparing,
  • appropriate technologies and software choosing,
  • current solutions integrating and optimizing,
  • procedures of migration from licensed products to open-source model preparing.

At your request we will prepare a detailed offer and answer all questions. We invite you to use the contact form.